SK MOST Group of Companies is to Build a New Highway Tunnel in Northern Osetia

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The SK MOST Group of Companies is going to build a new highway tunnel in Northern Osetia Reconstruction of Roksky highway tunnel gallery is to be carried out simultaneously with tunnel construction.

The new tunnel, which will be 310-meters long, will be built at the 86th kilometer of Alagir – Nizhni Zaramag highway. The federal contract was awarded on the 1st of December; drilling equipment and tunneling machines were delivered to the project by December 9, and the builders have already started to fill the construction site. The tunneling will be carried out using the drilling and blusting technology.

The highway section between the 85th and 93rd kilometer marks is now the most vulnerable stretch because of potential avalanches. To ensure uninterrupted and safe traffic, in addition to the tunnel, the SK MOST will build 63 linear meters of avalanche protection galleries and will also conduct reconstruction of Roksky tunnel service gallery.

Roksky tunnel is located at the 93rd kilometer of Alagir – Nizhni Zrmag highway and is the only transport route connecting Russia to Southern Osetia. The tunnel, which is 3,660-meters long, has been built 25 years ago, and the engineering infrastructure of the facility has aged and become obsolete.

The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies will start with reconstruction of the service gallery. The work will mainly consist of lining replacement. When reconstruction has been completed, the gallery will be open for traffic. The traffic will be controlled by a traffic light, which will allow vehicles to move only in one direction at a time. This traffic management will enable motor vehicle traffic between Russia and Southern Osetia during the incoming reconstruction of the motorway tunnel.

The project completion is scheduled for July 2012.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies