Business Areas

Under Federal Law No. 148-FZ dated July 22, 2008 – On Changes to the Urban Development Code of the Russian Federation and Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation, starting from January1, 2010, work that involves engineering surveys, preparation of design documentation, construction, reconstruction, and overhaul of capital construction projects is allowed only under a Certificate of Permit. The Certificate is issued as applied to a list of operations included in Order of Ministry of Regional Development of Russia No. 274 dated December 29, 2008.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies businesses have the Certificates of Permit issued to the following independently regulated organizations:

  • Noncommercial partnership SOYUZDORSTROY “Interregional Road Builder Association”,
  • Noncommercial partnership “Transportation Sector Design Company Association”,
  • Noncommercial partnership “Transportation Sector Construction Organization Association”,
  • Noncommercial partnership “Interregional Railway Construction Organization Association”,
  • Noncommercial partnership “Interregional Architectural Design Organization Association”,
  • Noncommercial partnership “Transportation Sector Survey Organization Association.”

Construction, reconstruction, and overhaul work types that impact safety of capital construction projects, which are included in the lines of activities of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies businesses:

  • Construction site preparation work,
  • Excavation and grading,
  • Construction of pile foundations, sheet piling, and anchor installation,
  • Natural soil compaction and soil bed preparation,
  • Soil consolidation,
  • Trench-wall installations construction,
  • Prefabricated concrete and reinforced concrete structure installation,
  • Steel structure installation,
  • Wood structure installation,
  • Lightweight enclosure structure installation,
  • Sandwich wall panel installation,
  • Masonry work,
  • Room shielding and movement joint work,
  • Installation and lining of industrial furnaces and smokestacks,
  • Roofing,
  • Building structure, pipeline, and equipment heat insulation,
  • Interior utility systems and equipment installation,
  • External utility network and utility line installation,
  • Production equipment installation,
  • Motorway construction,
  • Building tear-down and structure dismantling,
  • Water drawdown and surface drainage and dewatering,
  • Earth filling and backfilling,
  • Hydraulicking and dredging operations,
  • Blasting operations,
  • Open caisson and caisson construction,
  • Soil freezing operations,
  • Concreting,
  • Building structure waterproofing,
  • Structure and equipment corrosion protection,
  • Shakedown operations
  • Railway track construction,
  • Underwater operations (diving),
  • Shaft-sinking and tunneling operations,
  • Well construction.

Design preparation work types that impact safety of capital construction projects, which are included in the lines of activities of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies businesses:

  • Preparation of a land grading management plan,
  • Architectural design concept development,
  • Structural and 3D plan design concept development,
  • Preparation of data on utilities and utility network availability, engineering actions, and production process concepts,
  • Preparation of a construction management plan,
  • Preparation of a tear-down and dismantling management plan,
  • Development of environment protection measures,
  • Development of fire safety measures,
  • Development of disabled access assurance measures,
  • Development of a right-of-way zone design for a linear project,
  • Development of process and structural design concepts for a linear project,
  • Preparation of data pertaining to assurance of safety of buildings and facilities as part of the Section “Other Documentation as Required by Federal Laws”.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies