Production facilities

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies owns a network of modern production facilities, the largest of which are located in the Amur Region and in the Moscow Region.

The Belogorsk Facility (Amur Region), which was reconstructed in the mid-90s, became the first production facility of the company. The production workshops located here supply reinforced concrete products and steel structures to the bridge building companies in the east of the country. The facility has a large sports and wellness center, allowing the bridge builders to engage in nine sports including volleyball, basketball, swimming, mini-soccer, tennis, and table tennis. The Belogorsk Facility has become one of the best businesses in Russia in terms of labor conditions and recreation opportunities.

The “Tolbino” Production Facility (Moscow Region) was founded in 2000. This production facility supplies reinforced concrete product and steel structures to the BTS-MOST Group of Companies and also services drilling equipment. A precision reinforced concrete tunnel tubing plant using the Herrenknecht equipment is located at the facility. The plant was formerly operated near Sochi and produced tubing that was used for building the tunnels of the combined Adler – Alpika Service route.

The “Tolbino” Production Facility is the only business in the European part of Russia that has a line for producing reinforced concrete slabs for non-ballasted bridge decks.

The “Tolbino” Production Facility has its own fleet of special equipment and rents out road building and construction equipment from leading western manufacturers. The “Tolbino” Production Facility also provides freight services. Various cargoes and materials are loaded, unloaded, and transshipped here; crushed stone and other bulks are transshipped and stored as required. The goods are delivered across the entire Russian Federation. The facility has its own railway tracks in the Podolsk District of the Moscow Region and has a fleet of special motor vehicles.

The facility is operated around the clock by rotation shifts. The production shops and social infrastructure of the facility have a footprint of about 15 hectares. The total area of the workshops and warehouses of the facility is almost 30 thousand square meters.

The production facility covers the company’s needs in the following products:

  • Reinforced concrete products (non-ballasted bridge deck slabs, slab-type span decks, pillar casing blocks, etc.);
  • Steel structures (cargo packages, all kinds of prefabricated formwork, etc.);
  • Special temporary structures and systems.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies