Transport construction

Railway construction

Today the railway transport is the key chain link in the transportation system of Russia. The network of railways is actively developing, the volume of work for repairing overpasses, bridges, and tracks is increasing. A number of orders for new construction and reconstruction of existing facilities is on the rise. For a number of years the company performs functions of the general contractor at RRS JSC and carries out construction and repairs at 13 out of 17 railways. Bridges across the Volga, Kama, Oka, Samara, Moscow, Vyatka, Buzan, Don, Zeya, and Ob Rivers have become the best illustration of what the company’s capabilities are.

The key construction facilities of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies are the following:

Many years of experience and a powerful technological base of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies allow performing work without interrupting train traffic. Having a high professionalism and strictly following the plan, our specialists are capable of replacing a span structure of a functioning bridge in a matter of hours, using a brief “window” in intensive traffic.

Road construction

The demand in highways in Russia is currently estimated about 1.5 million kilometers which is almost twice higher than the length of the existing roadway. The transportation system of the largest cities can no longer cope with the growing load, so that traffic jams stretching for miles happen daily. Short-sighted architectural and design solutions create serious difficulties for subsequent construction of the transportation infrastructure elements.

The technologies that allow building highways, bridges and overpasses in the conditions of a restrictive urban setting have been mastered by the BTS-MOST Group of Companies. Facilities in Moscow, Korolev, Tyumen, St. Petersburg, Kislovodsk have been put into operation, and traffic interchanges in Kaliningrad and Penza are being built.

The key construction facilities of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies are the following:

The construction work is being performed withinf the boundaries of the federal target program titled “Modernization of the Russian Transportation System” on the Amur highway and A-229 Kaliningrad – Cherniakhovsk – Nesterov highway (the object has been put into operation).

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies