Combined Adler – Alpika Service Mountain Resort Motorway and Railway Route

General information

Combined highway and railway route Adler – Alpika-Service Mountain Resort (village of Krasnaya Polyana) was built as part of the preparation for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. The new 48.2-km-long route is the most challenging infrastructure project of the Olympics.

The entities of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies built the following facilities on the section between the 14th and 46th km of the route:

  • 6 railway tunnels;
  • 3 railway tunnels;
  • 3 service/escape adits;
  • 22 railway bridges;
  • 23 highway bridges;
  • over 23 kilometers of road formation.

Sixteen convenient shift camps were constructed along Adler – “Alpika Service” route. The largest manufacturing plant in Europe for the production of high-precision tunnel lining segments was in operation in the town of Veseloe (Adler district, city of Sochi). It was producing up to 15,000 cubic meters of linear plates every month.

1st quarter of 2009

beginning of works

end of 2013

end of works


total number of railway bridges


total number of road bridges

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies