Construction of the bridge crossing over the Amur River (Heilongjiang) near the cities of Blagoveshchensk (Russia) and Heihe (China)

General information

Beginning of works – December 2016.

End of works – July 2020.

Agreement on construction of the road and rail combined bridge crossing over the Amur River was signed by the Governments of both countries back in 1995. In 2015 it was amended.


Bridge across the Amur River:

Total length including flyover bridges – 3,100 m.

  • Bridge length: 1,080.5 m;
  • Bridge layout: 2х84+5х147+2х84 m;
  • Carriageway width: 11,5 (2,0+2х3,75+2,0) m;
  • Number of traffic lanes – 2;
  • Number of piers – 10.

Bridge across Kanikurganskaya Сhannel:

Bridge length: 278 m.

  • Bridge layout: 63+84+52+65 m;
  • Carriageway width: 11,5 (2,0+2х3,75+2,0) m.

December 2016

beginning of works

July 2020

end of works

1,080.5 m

length of the bridge across the Amur River

278 m

length of the bridge across the Kanikurganskaya Channel


The Blagoveshchensk (Amur Region, Russia) – Heihe (Heilongjiang Province, China) bridge crossing is designed as a steel-reinforced concrete bridge with a two-lane highway. An extradosed bridge is visually similar to a cable-stayed bridge, it also looks impressive, but its design provides an opportunity to reduce the number of steel members, the length of the cable stays, the height of the pylons, the weight of the beam superstructure and hence to reduce construction costs.

The Russian part of the bridge was built without borrowing budget funds, using a long-term loan provided by the Bank of Heilongjiang Province to a specially created Russian-Chinese company that acted as the bridge construction operator. The operator plans to compensate expenses by charging a fare. The construction of the Chinese part of the bridge was financed from the state budget of China.

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