Сonstruction of a railway bridge over the Don River

General information

Beginning of works – November 2011.

End of works – December 2020.

Bridge layout – 33.6+4х77+110+154+132+33.6 m.

Total length – 791.56 m.
The axis of the new bridge is located 50 meters upstream from the axis of the existing bridge and is parallel to it.

Scope of work

  • construction of railway approaches with a total length of 4.4 km (the road formation on the right and left banks is designed as an embankment reaching a height of up to 22 meters and filled by the hydraulic filling method, earthwork volume is around 3 mln cubic meters;
  • construction of unloading dead-end sidings at Lozhki station and an interlocking tower at 278th km;
  • buildings and facilities for bridge operation service and militarized security service;
  • construction of mooring births, a building berth and a floating platform made of two barges with a cargo carrying capacity of 1,900 tons;
  • assembling and installation of superstructures;
  • installation of the railway track superstructure;
  • construction of accommodation camp for shift workers, construction site setup;
  • construction of two temporary roads with a total length of around 13 km.

November 2011

beginning of works

December 2020

end of works

791.56 m

total length

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies