Construction of the Sabetta seaport facilities

General information

Beginning of works – 2012.

End of works – November 2018.

Total volume of dredging operations – 70 mln. m3.

Scope of work

As part of the construction project near the settlement of Sabetta the following seaport facilities were built:

  • a 6-kilometer-long and 495-meter-wide approach canal with seabed level of minus 15.1 m;
  • a 49-kilometer-long and 295-meter-wide sea canal with seabed level of minus 15.1 m;
  • harbour area with seabed level of minus 15.2 m.

The port was equipped with a Vessel traffic service (VTS) system as well as a Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS).


beginning of works

November 2018

end of works

70 mln. m3

total volume of dredging operations

The following coastal infrastructure facilities were constructed:

  • a reference station;
  • a hydrometeorological station;
  • administrative, engineering and storage buildings;
  • navigational ranges.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies