Construction of a double-track railway viaduct in Serbia

General information

Beginning of works – October 2017.

End of works – December 2021.

Viaduct total length – 2,936.18 m.

The viaduct consists of 6 structures separated by 3 anchor piers with a 600-meter distance between them.

Some piers are 26 meters high, which is comparable to the height of an 8-storey building.

October 2017

beginning of works

December 2021

end of works

2,936.18 m

viaduct total length

Сonstruction features

Part of the viaduct rests on a slope, therefore 20 landslide protection structures were constructed to ensure the safety of the viaduct structure during its construction and exploitation.

It is planned to launch high-speed trains by October 2021.

Once the viaduct is put into operation, the trains running along the Stara Pazova-Novi Sad railway section will have an opportunity to move at a speed of up to 200 km/h, and it will take only half an hour to get from Belgrade to Novi Sad.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies