Construction Tekstilshchiki – Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton Section of Big Circle Line Section of Moscow Metro

General information

Beginning of works – September 2019.

End of works – June 2021.

The work is underway using Herrenknecht S-517 (10690) tunnel boring machine Victoria with high-precision tunnel lining.

Length of facilities:

  • Interstation tunnel at Tekstilshchiki – Pechatniki section – 1,310 m;
  • Interstation tunnel at Pechatniki – Nagatinsky Zaton section – 1,692 m.

Scope of work

On the construction site the specialists of the BTS-MOST Group of Companies built the temporary service buildings and facilities necessary for tunneling operations, such as:

  • Materials storage area;
  • Storage area for tunnel lining segments;
  • Temporary area for dumped soil;
  • Belt conveyor;
  • Air-handling system;
  • Cooling tower;
  • Treatment facilities;
  • Tunnel lining segments heating area;
  • Storage facilities and workshops;
  • Administrative and service buildings.

September 2019

beginning of works

June 2021

end of works

3,002 m

total section length


The TBM is being assembled in the launch pit, where the operations by cut and cover method take place. 

The diameter of the TBM – 10,690 m.

When the TBM enters the completed construction pit of Pechatniki Station by the end of 2020, the technological operation on TBM transfer across Pechatniki Station is to be carried out. The total length of the transfer section is 193 linear meters. As soon as the transfer is completed, the machine will be prepared for the relaunch, this time to move in the direction of Nagatinsky Zaton Station (The Big Circle Line). 

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies