Bridge over the Zeya River

General information

Beginning of works – 2021.

End of works – 2024.

Total section length – 9,013 m;

Total length of artificial structures (bridge and overpass): 1,932 m.


A 118-meter-long approach with retaining walls on the right bank with a turning loop under the approach overpass on the right bank.

An approach overpass 5 CH 33 + 61.3 on the right bank, where 5 CH 33 stands for precast reinforced concrete beams joined into a temperature continuous superstructure, and 61.3 stands for a steel-reinforced concrete superstructure.

The section over water 82.2+2×132+82.2 is designed as an extradosed three-pylon system with steel-reinforced concrete superstrctures.

9,013 m

total section length

1,932 m

bridge length

432 m

bridge section over water

1,500 m

bridge onshore section


  • An approach overpass 15 CH 84 on the left bank is constructed using two continuous span structures made of 8 and 7 steel-reinforced concrete superstructures respectively.
  • Bridge approach on the left bank is 6,960 meters long and it is built on a floodplain embankment with a height ranging from 5 to 9 m. The approach has an at-grade intersection with turning loops and a two-level linear interchange with an overpass at the junction with the Access road to Blagoveshchensk.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies