The construction of the towers of the railway bridge across the Pregolya in Kaliningrad has begun


The construction of the foundation of one of the towers has already been completed by now

Specialists of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies have begun to construct the body of the river pier No. 2 of the railway bridge over the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad. This pier will be in the shape of the tower and will form a part of the facility’s lifting mechanism.

Earlier, the builders have constructed the bored piles. They used a special mobile platform on which the drilling rig was installed. The bored piles of river pier No. 3, which will serve as the second tower of the bridge, are now being constructed using the same technology.

“We have actively got down to the construction of the towers of the future railway bridge located within a busy road network. It is being built in parallel with the road bridge under construction, the erection of its foundations started six months earlier. The monolithic structure will be 54 meters high,” General Director of SK Mostotrest LLC (a member of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies) Evgeny Nadtochy said.

Besides that, the retaining walls and pier No. 4 of the railway bridge are being constructed, the soil is being reinforced by jet grouting and the utility lines are being relocated on both river banks.

The 237.3-meter-long railway bridge will be based on four piers and will have three spans. The central span of the bridge will be equipped with a vertical lift mechanism and will provide a navigable clearance, which will be 50 meters wide and 28 meters high in the raised position.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies