Concreting of the new Zeya Bridge deck slab has been completed 


7,000 cubic meters of concrete and 2,500 tons of rebar were used for the slab construction

The builders of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group completed concreting of the deck slab on the new Zeya Bridge. Concreting works began in November 2022 and were carried out non-stop from both sides, also during the period of extremely low temperatures dropping to -41°C.

For concreting in winter, the builders installed a temporary construction shelter with internal microclimate favorable for concrete. The reinforcement cage over the entire area of the slab ensures its durability as well as load and deformation resistance.

“The completion of the deck slab concreting is an important stage of the new Zeya Bridge construction. 2,500 tons of rebar have been installed, 7,000 cubic meters of concrete have been laid within the construction works. Right now, the construction of expansion joints and roadway, as well as waterproofing works are underway. In the future, we will proceed to asphalt concrete pavement laying,” Project Manager and Chief of Zeya Brach Office of Bamtonnelstroy-Most JSC Eduard Davydov said.

The new Zeya Bridge is one of the largest infrastructure projects in the Amur Region that has been implemented in recent decades. The total length of the bridge crossing is 10.3 kilometers, of which the bridge part takes 1.9 kilometers. The bridge has an optimally designed extradosed structure based on 26 piers with a stay-cable system. Car traffic on the bridge will be arranged in one lane in each direction.

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