Construction of a dam to protect the village of Vladimirovka from floods has started


Preparatory works are currently underway at the facility, the builders will procced to the main works as soon as the state expert appraisal is received and construction permit is issued.

“The contractor in Vladimirovka has begun preparatory works. The dam in Vladimirovka will be 8,600 linear meters long, 6.9 meters wide along the ridge, and up to 7 meters high depending on the terrain conditions. The construction of a circular-shaped structure will start from the traffic police post up to the Zeya River, and then up until Dubrovskaya Street and the entrance road to Blagoveshchensk. It will be a high-class reliability facility consisting of sand, rock riprap, and geocomposite material. According to the state contract, the completion date is December 25, 2025. The builders will start the construction of the dam body as soon as the state expert appraisal is received and construction permit is issued. The construction supervision is carried out by the state client represented by the State Public Institution “Stroitel” (SPI “Stroitel”) of the Amur Region,” Chief Technical Officer of the SPI “Stroitel” of the Amur Region Vladimir Yemelyanov said.

According to the representative of Bamtonnelstroy-Most, a contractor, Evgeny Shatalov, preparatory works, such as vegetation clearing, vegetable top soil removal, preparation of a foundation are currently being carried out at the construction site. 53 builders are working now at the construction site. Soil quality is being constantly monitored by laboratory technicians. Once permit documents are obtained, the number of workers at the facility will reach about 230 people.

As a reminder, 5.7 billion rubles have been allocated in total for the construction of hydraulic facilities, 4.6 billion of which are federal budget funds.

According to Larisa Slobodenyuk, a consultant of the Ministry of Construction and Architecture of the Amur Region Investment Department, preliminary meetings with local residents have been held, cadastral specialists and engineers have visited land plots. As of today, not a single public appeal concerning disputable issues has been submitted to the regional Ministry of Construction.

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