A section of the force main network was switched over within the construction of the road bridge over the Pregolya River in Kaliningrad


About 1,400 meters of a new pipeline were laid

During the construction of the road bridge over the Pregolya River Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group specialists have finished works on switching over a section of the force main network from an old pipeline to a new one. It will allow to continue the construction of bridge river piers, soil reinforcement with reinforced concrete piles, and relocation of other utility networks as part of the project.

During the utilities relocation, three reinforced concrete chambers were built and about 1,400 meters of a pipeline were laid, including those under the ground, in particular under the Pregolya River and the pond in Victory Park, of which 950 meters were laid by horizontal directional drilling method (HDD) and 120 meters were laid by auger boring method (AB).

The pipelines were laid in a densely-built urban area without decommissioning the existing networks.

“Switching over a section of the force main network is an important milestone in the construction of the road bridge over the Pregolya River. The existing utility networks needed to be replaced for quite a time. At the same time, these works are not the last ones related to the utilities relocation, they will be continued on the left river bank in the area of Zheleznodorozhnaya Street,” General Director of SK Mostotrest LLC (a part of Bamtonnelstroy-Most Group of Companies) Evgeny Nadtochy said.

The road bridge will be 386.7 meter long and consist of eight piers and three continuous spans. The central navigable span will be constructed in a form a vertical-lift all-metal girder simple span. The span vertical lift mechanism will be located in the towers of the bridge. Multilevel transport interchanges as well as a U-turn loop on General Butkov Street will be built at the bridge approaches.

The bridge under construction across the Pregolya River will ensure the traffic along a popular traffic route in the western part of Kaliningrad from north to south.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies