Bridges of trust

Major projects of Russian Railways and the SK MOST Group of companies will give a powerful boost to the economy of the Far East.

This year marks 27 years of productive cooperation between the SK MOST Group of companies and JSC Russian Railways.

Almost all of the largest transport construction projects-bridges and tunnels built on the railway network – are the result of unique specialists and state-of-the-art equipment in the Arsenal of the largest General contractor of Russian Railways. Today, SK MOST Group is involved in projects that are of national importance.

BAM tempering

There are a lot of points of contact between SK MOST and Russian Railways. Starting from the style of work-responsible and demanding: a serious school of the Baikal-Amur mainline did not pass without a trace – the company was created by specialists who worked on the construction sites of BAM, in 1991. And ending with common goals and tasks, the solution of which depends, among other things, on the ability to work smoothly in a team.

“The projects that we are implementing together with Russian Railways open up great prospects for the development of both the transport industry and the country’s economy as a whole”,

– says Oleg Talalay, General Director of USK MOST.

“After all, we are not only helping to remove infrastructure barriers that hinder the cargo flow of the TRANS-Siberian railway, we are responsible for transport interchanges, breathing life into the regions.”

Today SK MOST group is a major holding company, combining 12 bridge-building and 3 tunnel-tunneling enterprises “under its wing”. The range of activities of the divisions is very popular in the transport construction market. Construction and reconstruction of automobile interchanges, Railways, tunnels, metro stations, port berths, hydraulic structures, airfields – this is only part of the company’s specialized areas. Large-scale construction projects in Russia and abroad, in which SK MOST Group of companies participates, oblige the team to keep a high professional standard. At the same time, almost every order received in the work is a test of strength.

This was the case with the most complex project to build a combined road and railway on the Adler – Krasnaya Polyana section, timed to coincide with the 2014 Sochi Olympics, and with the project to build a bridge in Vladivostok across the Vostochny Bosphorus Strait, which has the world’s largest span among cable – stayed bridges-1,104 meters long. The list of unique projects can be continued for a long time – over the past years, more than 3000 objects have been implemented throughout the country. Nevertheless, the present and future of SK MOST Group of companies, as before, is filled with grandiose plans.

Assistance in the “reshaping ” of Sakhalin

Unique and unprecedented in its geographical location, the project has been implemented since the end of last year on Sakhalin. STROI-TREST (part of the SK MOST Group of companies), as part of the” re – alignment ” of the island highway gauge to a network – wide standard (1520 mm), must reconstruct 53 artificial structures on the Korsakov-arsentievka (21 bridges) and arsentievka-Buyukly (31 bridges and 1 culvert) sections by June 2019.

“The complexity of this project lies in the fact that we had to relocate construction equipment, materials, metal and reinforced concrete structures of spans from the mainland to the island”,

– says Alexander Myshansky, Deputy General Director for production of USK MOST JSC.

“It was necessary to quickly put into operation about 300 units of equipment, more than 150 units of equipment. Most of the equipment has already been delivered to its destination. Construction works are planned until June 2019 (the deadline for transferring the railway tracks for laying).”

At the moment, construction work is underway on more than 30 bridges in Sakhalin.

“Thanks to the close cooperation of the contractor and JSC “Russian Railways”, by the beginning of summer, it was possible to quickly complete the construction of temporary bridges and approaches to them, – the management of the far Eastern railway notes. – Now the pace of work on the construction of new bridges across the water barriers of Sakhalin is increasing.”

The bridges on the 249th and 269th kilometers of the Korsakov-Nogliki line are under special control. These are the largest railway bridges currently under construction on the island. Builders have already started building bridge supports.

“Working on Sakhalin is a valuable experience that will certainly help us in the future”,

– Oleg talalai is sure.

Baikal tunnel

Another project of strategic importance for Russia, which is being implemented by SK MOST Group, is the construction of the second Baikal tunnel. Among more than a thousand objects included in the Eastern polygon development Program, the second branch of the Baikal (Dabansky) tunnel, which accounts for 7% of the budget, or about 40 billion rubles, occupies a special place. The uniqueness of the object lies in its complexity: over the past 20 years, Russia has not built tunnels with a length of 6.7 km in the zone of 9-point seismicity and 12 tectonic faults.

“On the fifth of March this year, our tunnelers completed the sinking of the new Baikal tunnel, which was conducted since October 2014. Fifteen hundred people and more than a hundred units of mining equipment, road construction and transport vehicles were involved in the project”,

– says Alexander Myshansky.

“The speed of penetration up to 250 meters per month was provided by the Lovat RM394DS shield. After the tunnel is put into operation, which is planned in 2019, the maximum capacity of the section will increase to 123 pairs of trains per day, as a result, it will be able to increase cargo traffic by 66 million tons.”

Large project

Almost all major projects that are simultaneously in the work of the SK MOST Group of companies are impressive in their scale. Several major projects are being built in the far East. Among them is the railway bridge over the Amur river nizhneleninskoe (EAO) – Tongjiang (China), which will not only geographically link Russia and China, but also become a tool for integrating the economy of the Far East into the PRC. It will be commissioned in July 2019.

Another major project of SK MOST Group is the construction of a bridge over the Amur river – Blagoveshchensk – Heihe (China). It will also give an impetus to the development of the economy of the Far East. The object is designed as a steel-reinforced concrete bridge with a two-lane highway. Completion dates are scheduled for the end of 2019. In the future, the railway part of the bridge may also appear here. According to the government of the Amur region, the construction of the bridge, reducing the cost of logistics, will create favorable economic conditions in the region for the implementation of a number of investment projects.

“In short, any company could be proud of such projects that determine the vector of regional development. Of course, we are not going to stop at what we have achieved, there is so much work ahead, although difficult, but interesting”,

– Oleg Talalay sums up.
The BTS-MOST Group of Companies