Asphalt Paving Started on the Viaduct at the Exit from Route M-60 to Vesennyaya Station

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The builders proceed with asphalt paving of 500-meter long viaduct at the exit to Vesennyaya Station from Ussuri M-60 Federal Route. The interchange is under construction as part of a large-scale route reconstruction for APEC-2012 Summit in Vladivostok.

The 500-meter long viaduct that is being built at the entry to Vladivostok is one of the most challenging projects on the new express highway which is an upgrade of M-60 Federal Route. The columns of 16 supports have been erected to the design elevations. Because of soil specifics, each borehole of the pile footings was drilled per special design.

Seventeen 33-meter long beams have been installed in each of the 15 spans, and the builders lifted the large-size structures in the nighttime so as not to impede the heavy traffic on the route. The entire viaduct roadway with the surface area of about 15,000 square meters is covered with steel fibrous concrete that is 12.3-cm thick, which makes the installation stronger and more durable. After the project has been commissioned, this will be the widest section of the route with three lanes on the through viaduct and two lanes on the auxiliary ramps to Vesennyaya Station.

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