Construction of 23 combined highway-railway bridges between Adler and Alpica-Service resort is starting

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«SK MOST» group of companies started construction of 23 combined highway-railway bridges between Adler and mountain climate resort Alpica-Service.

«16 railway and 7 highway bridges are already being actively built. Drilling works for auger piles foundations are completed, 29 running meters of boreholes are drilled, 69 piling fields and 44 pier timberings are ready»

 — says «SK MOST» Sochi branch director deputy Stanislav Ilyukhin.

— «Construction speed was decreased by delays in documents issuing. The first design solution on foundations arrived in August, and we began working right after that».

Adler—Krasnaya Polyana road construction site developed by «SK MOST» contains 3 tunnels, 3 tunnel complexes and over 40 railway and highway bridges. Today 7200 workers and 820 construction machines are employed at road construction. Work is performed round the clock.

«SK MOST» company is intended to begin bridges construction on other route sections in the next months. Facilities are to be commissioned in the middle of 2013.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies