Nazimov Peninsula: Concreting of the most difficult catch of the M1 anchor support

Recent news
Twenty-four supports of the bridge to Russkiy Island have been brought to design elevation.

Work in progress being performed on the main facility of the APEC-2012 summit in Vladivostok include erecting superstructure for the overhead passage of the bridge crossing, concreting the main and auxiliary structures, and reinforcing foundation frames for 320 m bridge towers on both sides of the Eastern Bosphorus.

According to Alexey Baranov, Head of USK MOST’s Branch in Vladivostok, work is in progress on all 33 supports of the bridge crossing, notwithstanding unfavourable weather conditions in Primorsky Krai.

One of the key operations is now taking place on Nazimov Peninsula. Here, bridge erectors are constructing the most massive catch with the most complicated configuration at anchor support #1. Total volume of concrete supplied to an elevation of 35 m will be about 1,000 m3. In total, 9,000 m3 of top grade concrete will be laid in the support frame. #1 has a flat-topped shape and is the most massive among the bridge’s five supports in Nazimov Peninsula. In future, this first bridge? support will function as a passing? support, and at the same time it will take the horizontal load from the overhead bridge superstructure and stiffening beam of the central superstructure.

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