Installation of the complex M7 pylon reinforcement cage on Russky Island is at the final stage

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A unique grillage for 320-meter pylon M7 on Russky island is now under construction according to state-of-the-art technology. Installation of a complex reinforcement cage and distinctive concrete form is now at the final stage. Bridge builders are getting ready for the most large-scale concrete laying since the start of the bridge crossing construction. A specially developed mixture will be laid in a continuous cycle. A complex system of blocks and elements has been developed for accommodating enormous loads, which provides concrete form stability when laying self-compacting concrete. Flutes are used for supplying it to the grillage body. These flutes are special tremic pipes that prevent concrete mix disintegration. The area of the M7 giant pylon foundation is about 3200 square meters, some 3000 tons of reinforcement and 20 000 cubic meters of concrete will be used for its erection.

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