Permanent carriage installation onto ER-1 pier has begun on Russky Island

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Construction workers have begun installation of the first permanent carriage onto the ER-1 road bridge pier. The design of the bridge crossing over Eastern Bosporus Strait includes the use of a comprehensive set of antiseismic devices to protect the structures from possible earthquakes. The carriage is one of the most important bridge components bearing an enormous load.

All design solutions for this unique bridge crossing have been adapted as far as possible for its operation in the complicated climatic and geological conditions of Primorsky Territory, emphasized Alexey Baranov, director of USK MOST’s Vladivistok branch. Bridge piers receive enormous loads and this fact was considered in the design, of course.

The range of new generation technical solutions includes special expansion joints able to bear large span movements, shuttle-type carriages providing seismic isolation of the span, and rubber-metal carriages with lead cores able to dissipate energy in case of large displacements. All of these elements ensure correct distribution of forces from spans onto piers and combined action of bridge structures according to the design diagram. Carriages for the bridge crossing over Eastern Bosporus Strait were specially manufactured by the well-known German company Maurer Soehne – one of the world?s leaders in this field.

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