Assembly and erection of the framework of the railway bridge on PK 395 of the Adler – Krasnaya Polyana Highway

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Rare technologies will be used in construction of railway bridges on the Adler – Alpika Service Mountain Resort Highway. Taking into account the complex topography and tight construction schedule, a decision has been made to erect ballasted bridges.

The rather short Adler – Alpika Service Mountain Resort Highway is being routed in difficult conditions of mountain terrain. According to the design, the road includes 26 railroad bridges. According to specialists estimates, more than 60 000 tons of metal structures will be required for their construction.

The road constantly goes uphill. The elevation difference between the starting and destination points is significant. In order to ensure high speed mode and traffic safety, the railway bed will be laid not on flat bridge deck slabs, but on ballast, in this case ? on broken stone, said Vladimir Prostokvashin, the head of the autonomous subdivision OJSC STROI-TREST, a member of the SK MOST Group of Companies.

Most commonly, railway bridges are erected using ballastless technology. First, the bridge itself is built; then bridge sleepers or slabs are laid on it. The resulting hard surface is used as the foundation when laying the railway tracks. However, travelling on ballast has a number of significant advantages. ?The most important of these is ensuring passage in predetermined curves at high speeds?, Vladimir Prostokvashin explained.

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