Bridge builders have started concreting the solid-cast trestle carriageway slab on Russky Island

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Another milestone in the construction of the unique bridge to Russky Island has come, said Alexei Baranov, Director of the OJSC USK MOST branch in Vladivostok.

Construction of the solid-cast carriageway slab is being carried out simultaneously on both sides of the Eastern Bosphorus Strait. Presently, 4,000 tons of trestle superstructure steelwork are being erected, and intensive work is being carried out to install framing scaffold, formwork and reinforcing. Concreting has started on the span between supports ER2-ER3 on Russky Island.

The weight of the concreting plant, including framing scaffold, is 61 tons; 65 tons of effective reinforcement were required to reinforce the span, and glass-fiber reinforced concrete has been placed over an area of 241 square meters.

The bridge trestle trajectory is curvilinear in plan view; furthermore, there is a vertical slope with a bend here. The rise along the trestle is from 12.5 m to 37 m. Therefore, the concrete is placed here using a plant moving along tracks. The concrete placing technology used by the bridge builders ensures even distribution of the concrete and an ideal trestle slope.

Upon completion of concreting, the first section with a length of 26 m and volume of 150 m3 over the ER2-ER3 span, the plant will move along the whole trestle chequerwise until it covers the entire distance from trestle support ER1 to bridge support M12.

It will be necessary to place about 1,050 cubic meters of concrete and erect about 400 tons of reinforcement to construct the carriageway on Russky Island. As a result, a huge durable concrete slab will be constructed that will brace the whole structure. The road surfacing and then asphalt will be laid on it. In this way, the carriageway of a bridge meeting worldwide standards will be constructed over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST
Photo: Igor Lishchuk / SK MOST

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