Concreting of the First Section of Road from Novy settlement to De-Friz and Patrokl Bay in Primorye Territory has been completed

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The first two kilometers of the traffic road from Novy settlement to De-Friz, Sedanka and Patrokl Bay have been concreted. The new highway is being constructed as part of the preparations for the APEC 2012 Summit.

Preparation for the international forum is being supervised by a number of ministries and federal agencies, and Sergei Darkin, the Governor of Primorye Territory, is in charge of Summit arrangements locally. This week he arranged a visiting meeting at the construction site of the traffic road from Novy settlement to Patrokl Bay.

#Concreting is being carried out using Gomaco equipment. This plant covers the whole concreting cycle to the maximum possible extent. Dump trucks supply the concrete mixture in front of the plant, which then distributes it evenly along the entire width of the carriageway ensuring an ideally flat slab”,

– said Alexei Baranov, Director of USK MOST’s branch in Vladivostok, as he explained the details of the road construction process.

“This equipment performed well during construction asphalt concrete roads in the central part of Russia. Roads like this have not been constructed in the Far East region yet”.

“Asphalt concrete roads mean a new infrastructure level for the region. The main advantage is that this type of surface lasts much longer than asphalt. The new roads that will be constructed for the APEC Summit will serve the citizens of Primorye Territory for decades after the event”,

– said Sergei Darkin, the Governor of Primorye Territory.

The Governor praised the level of efforts, noting that even today the outlines of the future highway are clearly seen. The final width of the carriageway will be 18.2 m. A road section 6.5 m wide is now being concreted. The slab thickness is 18 cm.

Construction of transport infrastructure is one of the most important stages of preparation for the APEC 2012 Summit. In fact, the whole transport infrastructure is being rebuilt: federal highway M-60 from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk is being widened and reconstructed, a new building for Knevichi Airport and a new gateway to Vladivostok (the road from Novy settlement to De-Friz and Patrokl Bay) are under construction; and construction of a new bridge crossing over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait connecting Russky Island and the mainland is going full tilt. About 40 kilometers of new roads will be built on the island itself.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST
Photo: Igor Lishchuk / SK MOST

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