Federal Highway from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk to Become Safer After Reconstruction

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One of the most dangerous curves in the M-60 Federal Highway from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk will be reconstructed to make it safer. A state-of-the-art multilane junction will be constructed by USK MOST at the ramp to Vesenniya station.

Most of the cars driving from Vladivostok to Trudovoy cross the oncoming traffic to get to a secondary road. A lot of accidents at this junction have ended in fatalities, as the traffic on this dangerous section is too heavy and moves at up to 100 km/h.

Construction of a large road junction at the ramp to Vesenniya station is underway as Vladivostok prepares to host the APEC-2012 summit. The most challenging part of the M-60 highway is being reconstructed by USK MOST’s Vladivostok branch. The junction will have several independent off-ramps to improve the curve’s safety.

Eduard Matushevsky, Foreman of USK MOST’s Vladivostok branch, explains the details of the project: “We use in-situ concrete, which allows us to work rapidly and not waste time on mating parts.” “Three months ago there was an empty space here; now there are piers, and we have started concreting the first collar. The only constraint is that there’s no bypass road. Without a bypass, we are unable to complete the large scope of work required on the existing highway. Therefore, progress of construction is uneven: in-site piers have been settled, we are concreting collars, commissioning decks, drilling operations are underway at the other sites, and we are making preparations for laying bored piles”.

USK MOST will also rebuild old bridges on the Bogataya, Chernaya, Peschanka and Sapernaya rivers as a part of the M-60 highway reconstruction project. The Company is currently laying decks (each deck is over 20 m long) at the most difficult job site – the bridge across the Bogataya River. The five-span bridge across the Bogataya River will be 106 m long and over 13 m wide. In addition, a public transport U-turn will be constructed under the bridge spans.

After completing reconstruction of the M-60 highway section from Knevichi settlement to the entrance to Vladivostok, the highway category will be upgraded. This will allow an increase in the permitted driving speed from 60 km/h to 110 km/h. Thus, it will take you only 40 minutes to get from the Knevichi Airport passenger terminal to the Far East Federal University on Russky Island.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST
Photo: Igor Lishchuk / SK MOST

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