SK MOST Establishes a Special Prize at the Pacific Meridian Film Festival

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For the second time, SK MOST Group has become a partner of the International Asia Pacific Film Festival, and also established a special prize.

The VII Pacific Meridian Film Festival was held September 11 – 17 in Vladivostok. This year the festival received a record number of applications: 729 films from 50 countries. After an enormous effort, 150 films were selected for showing, including more than 100 films from 17 countries of the Asia Pacific region.

A special prize of the film festival – “Most” (Bridge) – was awarded to Vladimir Lipovetsky, the screenwriter for the film Mission and author of the book The Children’s Ark, or the Unbelievable Odyssey.

The prize was established by SK Most to acknowledge the creators of the story of life journeys and the history of the country and territory seen through them. This film is supposed to be a bridge to other times and spaces or the fortunes of various people.

Vladimir Lipovetsky, the author of The Children’s Ark and screenwriter of Mission, spent 25 years gathering evidence of one of the most amazing stories of the 20th century.

Six hundred children from Petrograd, taken away to the Urals in 1918-1920, landed in the very epicenter of the Civil War. Thanks to the efforts of the American Red Cross, they were evacuated to Vladivostok and then, following a 2-month voyage via Muroran (Japan) – San Francisco – New York – Brest (France) – Koivisto (Finland), were returned to their parents in Petrograd. This rescue of Russian children was made possible by the heroic deeds of thousands of Russians, Americans, Frenchmen, Japanese and Finns.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST
Photo: Igor Lishchuk / SK MOST

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