The Construction of the Bridge over the Sura River (the city of Penza) is Close to Completion

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Specialists of SK MOST are finishing work at the left and right bank approach viaducts of the bridge over the Sura River, Penza.

The bridge appears as the integrated multipurpose transport works, comprising the approach viaducts on the left and right sides, the bridge over Sura river, the railway overpass, and the traffic interchange.

Construction of the left bank approach viaduct has almost been completed. Retaining walls and abutment have been erected, seven piers are in fully operational state and the reinforced concrete deck was installed here. Three more piers are half complete (each having one column on one side of the viaduct). The reinforced concrete deck is erected here on one side only.

As for the right bank viaduct, the retaining wall and six piers have been constructed, four of which already have deck. Construction of two other piers has been currently underway.

The metal deck erection at the river-bed bridge section is at the final stage, but the work at this section has been currently suspended, since the bridge is abutting against a five storey dwelling house that has not been resettled yet.

The metal deck on the railway overpass has been completely arranged.

Sergey Sysoyev / SK MOST
Photo by: Denis Kropanev / SK MOST

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