Two bridges to be reconstructed across the Osinovka river on Federal Highway M-60

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Within reconstruction works of Federal Highway M-60 from Vladivostok to Khabarovsk, two new bridges will cross the Osinovka river and its feeder in the area between Ussuriysk and Chernigovka in the Primorye region. USK MOST OJSC has been chosen to fulfill this job.

It is as much as 3150 meters of the federal highway that the company will reconstruct under this project. The reconstruction works had already been started there for the roadbed in the 90’s, and construction of bridges had been initiated as well. However, none of the above had been completed so far. A temporary bypass road with no asphalt cover had been used for transportation for all these years. Old low-level still-in-use bridge dates back to the 50’s and has long reached its state of failure. It is unable to handle increased traffic flow with its service life expired in the 90’s.

To construct the state-of-the-art 14-meter-wide bridges (one bridge is 110 meters long, the other one is 42 meters long), the site improvement activities were initiated in September.

Viktor Popov, the site supervisor, comments on the work progress, – The old bridges are out of date, it is impossible to reconstruct them. We have to take them down. We are now dismantling the bridge decks and striking off concrete from piers with landfilling operations carried on for roadway in the meantime.

After the old bridges are taken down completely, the boring operations will be commenced. A three-kilometer section of Highway M-60 is scheduled to be reconstructed by November, 2011.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST
Photo by: Igor Lischuk / SK MOST

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