SK MOST will present a design for bridge construction of nanocomposites

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The SK MOST group of companies and the Institute Gipromost – Moskva will present a design for bridge construction using nanocomposites at the Doroga International Exhibition/Forum.

It is proposed that nanostructured light concrete and carbon plastic-based nanocomposites be used for fabrication of structural components of a bridge over the Volga River in Dubna near Moscow.

The composites weigh less than steel and concrete structures, which significantly facilitates their installation. At the same time, the fabrication process allows for obtaining structures with preset characteristics and practically of any configuration.

Implementation of the bridge construction project in Dubna will be used to conduct the developmental testing of design and erection of allcomposite structures. The experience that will be gained could be then used for building transportation infrastructure projects in hard to reach areas.

The Doroga International Exhibition is an impressive event dedicated to the development of road infrastructure in Russia. The event has the backing of the Russian Federation Ministry of Transportation, which is the direct participant in the Exhibition. The Exhibition will be the place for demonstration of the whole range of products and services for a comprehensive approach to the development of the transportation sector in Russia, for advancing new technologies, facilitating exchange of experience, improving cargo security, and enhancing traffic safety and comfort.

The Doroga Exhibition will be held from the 22nd till 25th of November at the Crocus Expo International Exhibition Center in Moscow.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies