Tolbino Production Facility Hosting Specialists

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Students of the State Moscow Railway Engineering University and employees of the OJS Mostotrest and OJS Corporation Transstory have visited Tolbino Production Facility of the SK MOST Group of Companies.

The Production Facility in the town of Bolshoe Tolbino near Moscow has an area of about 15 hectares. The Production Facility’s specialty are reinforced concrete products (including non-ballasted bridge deck slabs) and steel structures as well as custom-made equipment and drilling equipment overhaul. The Production Facility also provides dispatcher services and offers road building and railway building equipment on lease.

The specialists were mainly interested in fabrication of the non-ballasted bridge deck slabs. They commended the quality of reinforced concrete products and high accuracy of rebar cages fabricated in Tolbino. A computer-controlled flow line for fabrication of large-diameter casing pipes also stirred general interest.

The visitors had a close look at the reinforcement part fabrication flow line. The engineers who developed original rebar shearing and bending tools answered many questions, and the machines for shearing small blanks and stirrups produced souvenirs for the visitors.

Mechanical engineers, who made up the majority of the group, have stayed longer in the repair workshops where load lifting equipment maintenance and repair operations are conducted. The visitors received CD’s with information on services rendered by the Production Facility and on the equipment available for lease.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies