Two New Bridges Open for Traffic on M-60 Federal Route

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Two new bridges, over the Saperka River and Peschanka River, have been put in service on M-60 Vladivostok – Khabarovsk federal route. The entire route reconstruction project, which is to be completed by APEC-2012 Summit, includes the completion of a 17-kilometer highway section and construction of two new interchanges and a total of four bridges.

The USK MOST Company has built a state-of-the art three-span bridge, which is designed for heavy motor vehicle traffic. The builders are now tearing down temporary bypass routes. A temporary bridge and an asphalt-paved bypass road were built for the repair period to avoid traffic interruptions along the federal route.

Two single-span parallel bridges have been built over the Saperka River. These bridges are now open for traffic. The bridges make part of a bypass route around the new viaduct construction site. After the viaduct has been put in service, the bridges will become part of a complex interchange near the town of Uglovoe.

A bridge over the Bogataya River is the largest and most complex bridge in the route section under reconstruction. This installation, which is 106-meters long and more than 13-meters wide, will have a high clearance to put in place a roundabout for public transportation under the bridge. Girders have been installed in all bridge spans, and the ramps leading to the bridge are now being filled.

The span structures have also been installed over the Chernaya River, and the approach embankment slopes and exists to the highway are now filled. The side and divide railings are being installed on the bridge.

An interchange in the area of the turn to the town of Trudovoe is one of the most complex projects in the M-60 route section under reconstruction. A viaduct having several independent exits will ensure safety in one of the most accident-prone sections of the federal route.

“The interchange will be almost 500-meters long, and the work is carried out along the entire stretch of the project. We are conducting drilling operations, concreting the piers, and installing the span girders,”

– says Vitaly Gritsuk, Senior Work Supervisor of the OJSC USK MOST Branch in the city of Vladivostok.

“All these facilities have been built in 5 months. We came here only a short while ago, in July this year, and we have already installed four spans out of 15.”

Reconstruction of M-60 federal rout is scheduled for completion in late 2011. The route will ensure safe high speed traffic between the Knevichi Airport International Passenger Terminal and Vladivostok.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

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