Bridge Over the Nerl River Close to Completion

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The bridge over the Nerl River is close to completion in Nizhny Novgorod Region. The builders are consolidating the slopes. The train traffic over the bridge is scheduled for opening in April.

Construction of the new bridge started in 2009, and the bridge will put on the right track the full-scale high-speed passenger traffic between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod. The speed of “Sapsan” trains in this railway section has been limited to 75 km/hr because of a small radius of turn and general wear of the old bridge that was built in the mid 1930’s.

The designers proposed to build the bridge using the 27.0+88.0+27.0 scheme to eliminate the need in intermediate piers in the river channel. A structural feature of the central span is a ballasted metal trough on the truss girths, which will ensure high-speed train traffic (over 200 km/hr) in this section.

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