Builders of the Bridge to the Russky Island Take to Skis

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Primorie population showed up in record numbers at the start of Russia Ski Track-2011 ski race in the city of Arseniev last Sunday. A well-knit team of the USK MOST Subsidiary in Vladivostok took part in the mass-scale competition.

“Not only ski sport enthusiasts are united at this terrific festive sports event: the entire families and production teams take to skis in Russia on that day,” says the bridge builder team captain Vladislav Pilatov, Occupational Health Manager of the OJSC USK MOST Subsidiary in Vladivostok. “An excellent idea to rally the people and to make everyone happy! The old and young – everybody went on ski track. Sport is one of the main priorities at the USK MOST. There are soccer, volleyball, and swimming groups in place for company’s employees? However the most important thing in such competitions are a burst of good spirits, excellent mood and lots of fun with a breath of fresh air.”

A record number of Primorie population, about 2,500 people, took part in the XXIX open Russian national mass-scale race Russia Ski Track-2011. A 3-year-old Ilya Kravchuk was the youngest competitor and Ekaterina Vasilievna Sinenko of 83, a resident of Arseniev, was the oldest participant. The race organizers reported that there are more people in Primorie now who are willing to live a healthy life, which is a very good sign!

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

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