Bridges over the Bogataya and Chernaya Rivers are Close to Commissioning

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The bridges over the Chernaya and Bogataya Rivers are 90% completed. These projects are being built by the USK MOST Company as part of a large-scale reconstruction of Vladivostok – Khabarovsk M-60 federal route in preparation for APEC-2012 Summit in Vladivostok.

All major operations of pier erection and span installation at these projects have been completed. During the warm weather period the builders will start the asphalt paving of the roadway. Bridges over the Saperka and Peschanka Rivers were put in service on Vladivostok – Khabarovsk route last year.

One more project of the USK MOST, a 500-meters long interchange at the exit to Vladivostok, is located at the turn to Vesennyaya Station. The drilled piles 1.5-mieters in diameter have been actually completed at the viaduct construction site. The total depth of all piles is about 1.5 kilometers, with the concreting volume of about 2,500 cubic meters.. Each pile was erected per individual design because of soil specifics in the area. More than half of the legs of 16 piers have been erected to the design elevation. Meanwhile 33-meters long viaduct spans are being installed. The bridge builders lift the girders in the nighttime so as not to disrupt heavy traffic of up to 60 thousand vehicles on this route. About one half of the total work scope have been already completed at the interchange project of the exit to Vladivostok.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

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