Reconstruction of a Tunnel System in Novorossiysk Close to Completion

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Reconstruction of a railway tunnel system is close to completion 20 kilometers north-west of Novorossiysk on Tonnelnaya – Gayduk leg in Krymskaya – Novorossiysk section of the North Caucasus Railway Line. Traffic was opened in May 2010 through Maly Novorossiysky tunnel, and Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel will be commissioned with inauguration in mid-May 2011.

The decision on the reconstruction of this section of the line was made because Bolshoy and Maly Novorossiysky tunnels (1389-meters and 390-meters long, respectively), which were built in the 80’s of the 19th century, have been in an accident-prone condition and could not cope with the railway traffic that has grown recently.

The work in Krymskaya – Novorossiysk section started in May 2005. A new single-track tunnel 1627-meters long was first built alongside the old Bolshoy Novorosssiysky tunnel. Train traffic was opened in May 2009 through the new tunnel, and the old tunnel was closed down for reconstruction that included changes in the tunnel section dimensions to meet the contemporary requirements; one track was left instead of two, while the tunnel has become longer: 1,674 meters now. The tunnels now form a system having common entries on the northern and southern ends.

The old Bolshoy Novorossiysk tunnel will be opened for traffic in May 2011. The builders are now placing the track grillage and conduct preparations for integrating the tunnel in the operating railway traffic system.

Reconstruction of another underground section in Tonnelnaya – Gayduk leg has been carried out simultaneously with the work on Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel. Maly Novorossiysky tunnel , which is 390-meters long, proved unfit for further use, and it was abandoned in the autumn of 2010. A new double-track tunnel 525-meters long has been built alongside the old tunnel. This section was opened for railway traffic in May 2010.

Svetlana Ustinovich / SK MOST

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