Two Bridges over the Osinovka River Are More Than Half Complete in Primorie Region

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The OJSC USK MOST has been building two bridges over the Osinovka River. One is a six-span bridge (110-m long) and the other is a two-span bridge (42-m long), which are located one after the other at the 619th kilometer of the route, as part of reconstruction of Valdivostok – Khabarovsk federal highway.

The decision to build the bridges over the Osinovka River has been made back in the 1980’s. The work started in the 1990’s, but the builders had only managed to put in place a temporary detour road and erect the bridge piers. The construction operations were then abandoned because of the lack of funds. During the entire period after that, the motorists had to use the detour road and old bridges that were half a century old back then, which were in accident prone condition. The old bridges had not been designed to cope with the increased traffic volume, and they had only two lanes.

The work on the site was resumed in September 2010. Under a contract with the Federal State Institution Directorate of the Federal Road Agency for Construction of Road Facilities in Far Eastern Federal District, the OJSC USK MOST, in addition to construction of two bridges, is also widening the road within a section that is 3150-meters long. The earth filling operations have been almost completed, and the pavement will be placed here during the warm season.

The bridges over the Osinovka River are more than half complete. The girders have been already installed in five spans of the six-span bridge. Both spans of the two-span bridge have been completed, and the builders are now filling the slopes and finishing the approach roads.

The work on construction of the bridges and three kilometers of the federal route is to be completed in November this year.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

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