A Conference Dedicated to State-of-the Art Stay Cable Systems was Held in Moscow

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A Scientific/Engineering Conference “State-of-the Art Stay Cable Systems in Bridge Building” organized by the SK MOST Group of Companies, Tokyo Rope MFG, and Mitsui&Co. was held in Moscow on April 26. Japanese specialists presented new developments at Moscow President Hotel.

Representatives of Russian business and scientific communities who attended the Conference learned about new types and modifications of the stay cable systems developed by the Japanese companies. During presentations by foreign bridge builders, Russian engineers and scientists had an opportunity to speak up and also to ask Japanese specialists questions. NEW-PWC steel stay cables presented by the visitors will allow a substantial reduction in the work scope on the construction site. Carbon fiber composite CFCC stay cables also stirred interest of designers, engineers and scientists because of their capabilities that have not been studied fully so far.

Aleksey Istomin who represented “Lipetsk”, a special industrial/production economic zone, declared that the city of Lipetsk is ready to offer facilities to accommodate Japanese high tech manufacturing processes.

B.I. Kondrat, Chairman of the Board of Directors, OJSC USK MOST, noted in his presentation that the company’s executives have been watching the technological innovations in the world bridge building industry and are prepared to share the finds with all Russian bridge building companies.

Sinji Kurashige, General Director, Tokyo Rope MFG Group of Companies, emphasized that Russian bridge builders are implementing the most challenging, out-of-the box and ambitious projects today.

“We want to work in the Russian Federation where the infrastructure development is thriving, with giant sporting facilities and large public buildings being under construction, and where there is a demand for innovative technologies.

We would like to deploy production facilities in Russia in order to implement completely the policy of our company: perfect technology, high quality, and fair price.”

– Mr. Sinji Kurashige said.

Sergey Berdnikov / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies