Concrete Paving Work Resumed on Novy Settlement – De-Friz – Patrokl Bay Highway

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The work on roadway concreting on a new highway from Novy Settlement via De-Friz and Sedanka to the Patrokl Bay has been resumed. The work is conducted in the first leg of the route (Novy – De-Friz). This leg of the route will be paved with asphalt/concrete. This pavement type is used in the Far East for the first time. It will extend the road pavement life by a factor of six.

“We resumed concrete placement as soon as a stable temperature above the freezing point has settled down in the area. Concrete has to be placed only during the warm season according to process specifications,” explains Vladimir Olshevsky, De-Friz Site Manager, OJSC USK MOST. “We are using the most advanced Gomaco PS-2600 Concrete Place/Spreader to do the job. The machine consists of three units. The first unit spreads the mix along the pass width; the mix is unloaded from the dump tracks in front of the unit, which then spreads the mix uniformly over the roadway. The second unit compacts and vibrates the concrete mix and grades the profile, with the slab thickness of 18 centimeters in this case. The third unit imparts texture to the surface and applies a film-forming liquid that will protect concrete against adverse factors during the hardening period. As a result, an ideally even slab will be produced, which forms the base for asphalt placing.

The road will be 19-meters wide, and Gomaco completes each section in three passes, each 6.3-meter long. The total length of the first leg of the route is almost 14 kilometers. The OJSC USK MOST road builders have completed one third of the entire work scope last year. We expect to complete concreting as early as by the end of June. We will have to concrete almost 9 kilometers of the road during that time.”

“Gomaco PS-2600 has a high output: it is capable of concreting 300 meters of the road every day. However we cannot use the machine at its full capacity because the road base cannot be prepared that fast. It should be noted that concrete mix is placed on a soil bed because otherwise the road won?t be in service for its design life,” says Denis Zakirov, Work Superintendent.

Novy Settlement – De-Friz – Sedanka – Patrokl Bay highway is to be built in preparation for the Asia-Pacific Summit to be held in 2012 in Vladivostok. The new highway will back up M-60 Federal Route. It will take Summit participants 40 minutes to get from Knevichi Airport, using the bridge over the Eastern Bosphorus Bay, to the Russky Island where the majority of summit events will take place.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

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