Finishing Work has Begun at Vesennyaya Station Highway Interchange

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Construction operations has been conducted in Vladivostok as part of preparations for APEC-2012 Summit along the entire visitor’s route from Knevichi Airport, at which foreign delegations will arrive, to the Far East University on the Russky Island where the majority of summit meetings will take place.

Bridges are being erected and a highway interchange is being built in the sections of the route which are the responsibility of the SK MOST Group of Companies. The builders are widening the motorway and reworking its grading: there will be no sharp turns or steep downgrades on the reconstructed highway.

With the 500-meter interchange completed at Vesennyaya Station, the upgrade to the Rostral Column at the exit from the city will become gentler and one of the most accident prone turns in M-60 Route will be safe. The drivers turning to Vesennyaya Station will not have to cross the incoming traffic lane to get there. The interchange now looks almost like its finished outlines: more than 300 supports have been already erected. The builders will have to install five span decks out of fifteen (each consisting of seventeen 33-meter long girders). Finishing work has already started on the interchange: the cast-in-place capping blocks and barrier railings are being concreted and the longitudinal joints are being grouted.

The interchange is scheduled to be in service at the end of 2011 when reconstruction of the entire 17-kilometer section of M-60 Route, from the 733th to 750th km, will be completed. With the motorway widened and provided with side and divider parapet walls, with the bridges, interchanges and overhead pedestrian crossings completed, the speed limit on the upgraded highway will be raised from 60 to 90 kilometers per hour.

Daniil Goncharuk / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies