The Last Span Deck of the Bridge over the Volga River in the City of Zelenodolsk Replaced

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The builders of the SK MOST Group of Companies have replaced the last ninth span deck of the bridge at the 754th kilometer of Kanash-Agryz section, Gorkovskaya Railway. It took three days to dismantle the old 158-meter long span deck and to install a new one.

The builders were given a time window from the 12th to 18th of May to conduct the operations. However, they have managed to complete the job ahead of schedule, and the whole job has been done within 36 hours.

The replacement of the old span deck dating back to 1912 was started on May 12. After the train traffic has been suspended in Zeleny Dol – Sviyazhsk section, the overhead contact system, the tracks, and the bridge roadway members were removed. The old span deck between piers No.7 and No.8 was jacked up and installed on a floating structure. The floating carrier was then moved by tugs to the jetties where the span deck was offloaded.

During the second day, cap beams have been reworked on piers No.7 and No.8 (the old bearings and bridge pads were removed and a 16-ton floating crane was used to install new bridge pads and bearings to replace them).

Installation of the new span deck started on the third day, at five o’clock in the morning. The floating carrier was moved to truss hoists where the new span deck was put on the carrier. The floating carrier was then tugged to the bridge, and the new span deck was placed on the bearings. The entire operation was over in about four hours. After the span deck has been installed, they started to put in place non-ballasted bridge roadway slabs, install the tracks and overhead contact system.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST


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