Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin Got a Status Report on Primorie Belt Route Right from the Construction Site

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A status report on Primorie Belt Route has reached Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin directly from the construction site. The live telecon from Kaliningrad Region was held on May 30th during a conference dedicated to the problems of performance improvement in motorway construction and operation in the country, which was chaired by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

The event took place in Tver, with participation of Vice Premier Sergey Ivanov, Finance Minister Aleksey Kudrin, Transportation Minister Igor Levitin, and Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev. Aleksandr Rolbinov, Regional Infrastructure Development Minister presented a status report on the fourth phase of construction of Primorie Belt Route, which will link Kaliningrad to all coastal cities.

“Live reports were received during the conference from three regions, Novosibirsk, Chita, and Kaliningrad”,

– Aleksandr Rolbinov said.

“The Prime Minister asked when the four-lane route from Zelenogradsk to Svetlogorsk was going to be completed. The Minister said that it would happen before the end of the year. A total of 7 million rubles are earmarked by the Treasury for that purpose. Appropriate adjustments to the federal budget will have to be adopted”.

This is how the agreement between Governor Nikolay Tsukanov and RF Transportation Minister Igor Levitin, which was reached during the ministerial visit to Kaliningrad region in February, is going to be implemented.

by Press-service of the Government of Kaliningrad region

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