RF Prime Minister V.V. Putin Conducted Telecon with the Builders of Kuznetsovsky and Roki Tunnels

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During the inauguration that opened Bolshoy Novorossiysky Tunnel on the Northern Caucasus Railway Line after reconstruction, V.V. Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, conducted a telecon with the builders of Kuznetsovsky Tunnel in Khabarovsk Region and Roki Tunnel in Northern Ossetia.

In the introductory remarks, the Russian Prime Minister commended the high quality of the job, which has been accomplished because state-of-the art technologies were used.

“We have worked on this route that is very important for the south of the country on schedule and quietly yet at the high quality standards, using state-of-the art methods, and we have a good result”,

– the Prime Minister said.

“A new, modern infrastructure facility has been built to every XXI century requirement, which is extremely important for the development of the south of the country, for the expansion of a sea port in Novorossiysk, and for the development of infrastructure in the south of Russia as a whole.”

“They are connecting a tunnel in the Far East today as well,” the Prime Minister continued. “This is a very important line of work which will allow us to increase traffic in the Baikal-Amour Line and to use more of its potentials, and we will use the Transsiberian Railway in a better way and increase significantly the freight traffic in the Far East ports”,

– the Prime Minister emphasized.

During the telecon with the Prim Minister, Anatoly Babinets, CEO of the Special Division of the OJSC USK MOST in Vladikavkaz, reported that they are expecting to complete the first phase of the Roki Tunnel reconstruction in October this year – eight to nine month ahead of schedule. To capitalize on that, he suggested that implementation of the major, second phase of the project should start this year. “This would allow us to avoid a downtime of a well-built team of 600 construction workers. But which is more important, this would allow us to build the main tunnel in a shorter time”,

– Anatoly Babinets said.

In response, V.V. Putin underlined the importance of the Roki Tunnel for the Russian North Caucasus and for Southern Ossetia and he has promised to review the builders’ initiative. “As regards the Roki Tunnel, we all understand pretty well what it means for the Northern Caucasus and for the Republic of Southern Ossetia. This is a vital route”,

– the Prime Minister said.

“That is why we will consider your suggestion. I am asking that the ministers review everything that has to do with the deadlines and financing”,

– the Prime Minister added.

Sergej Sysoev / SK MOST
Photo: Michael Agafonov, Aleksej Skorobogatko / SK MOST

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