Bridge Building on the Patrol Road in Knevichi Airport Has Been Complet

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Bridge Building on the Patrol Road, which is part of reconstruction of Knevichi Airport, has been completed. The work has been done by the builders of the OJSC USK MOST.

The patrol road, which is 8-kilometers long, runs along the entire perimeter of the air terminal complex. The new 45-meter long three-span bridge has been built across a drain channel. The patrol vehicles had to go on a long detour in order to cross over the channel before, and now the road runs close to the runway. A few days ago the builders have completed the bridge painting, and the installation is ready for service.

Knevichi Airport in Vladivostok is to become a large international hub by the year 2012. A new air terminal is to be opened here, and the airport security system will be enhanced. The runways are extended, new taxiways are built, and new plane parking areas are put in place for receiving wide-body passenger jets flying over long distances.

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