Interchange Overpass Structures at the Exit to Vesennyaya Station on Vladivostok – Khabarovsk M-60 Route Integrated

Recent news

The 500-meter interchange has been under construction as part of reconstruction of M-60 Federal Route. The exit to Vesennyaya Station has been one of the most accident prone sections on Vladivostok – Khabarovsk Route. When the construction has been completed, the drivers that exit to Vesennyaya Station will not have to cross the incoming traffic lane to get there. This was the maneuver that caused 90% of accidents at that junction.

The major operations are nearing completion. The builders will have to install fifty 33-meter long girders in four spans. A total of 11 span decks of the overpass have already been completed. The builders are concreting ledges and barriers.

“We started a new operation today: placement of a fibrous concrete leveling layer. Weather permitting we will pour the mix nonstop around the clock. We have to place a concrete layer on 3 span decks, over not less than 100 meters of the overpass”,

– says Igor Masyuk, Site Superintendent, Vladivostok Branch, Mosto-tonnelnaya kompaniya.

“We have been hauling concrete so far from our production facility in the town of Uglovoe using three mixing trucks. The process will be expedited shortly when we use five more mixing trucks to haul concrete mix from the mixing plant located on the Nazimov Peninsula. We place fibrous concrete to complete the work earlier. This material allows us to dispense with the water proofing layer.”

The overpass construction at Vesennyaya Station is scheduled for completion in October 2011. This will be one of the first large-scale projects commissioned in the M-60 Route section that is under reconstruction.

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