Reconstruction of the Service Gallery for Roksky Tunnel Enters its Closing Phase

Recent news

SK MOST Group of Companies specialists are completing service gallery construction of the Roksky Tunnel at the 93rd kilometer of Kavkaz motorway. The work is being carried out 7 months ahead of schedule.

They are now conducting installation of a lighting system, fire water pipeline, fire detection and alarm system, and video surveillance and communications systems in the gallery that is 3,805-meters long. Work on the cross-section expansion is close to completion in 15 ventilation/escape and hauling cross-passages that were driven between the gallery and tunnel.

Ventilation houses are being erected at the gallery entries for putting in place a temporary ventilation system to support operations aimed at upgrading the permanent air ventilation chambers and installation of new equipment. Automatic swinging gates will be installed at both gallery entries.

Concrete paving of the entry sites have been completed, concrete separator blocks have been installed, and they are now conducting lighting system installation. The builders are going to proceed with installation of the video surveillance equipment, barriers, road signs, and traffic signals as well as special clearance frames to control the clearance of trucks that are to enter the gallery.

Traffic inside the gallery will be managed using reversible lanes. After the work has been completed, reconstruction of the main tunnel will start.

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies