Reconstruction of Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad Ahead of Schedule

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The builders are prepared to open the Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad for test traffic in November 2013, which is one year ahead of design schedule.

The bridge pillars are being erected around the clock on the construction site. Meanwhile the bridge builders are conducting preparations for installation of steel structures.

The 2012 work schedule includes bridge pillar erection and steel structure installation in spans 1 through 7 and 16 through 22, roadway slab completion in spans 1 through 7, and bridge approach roads embankment shoring with prismatic piles for 40% of design scope work scope.

The bridge total length is 640 meters, the width is 13.25 meters, and the bridge approach roads are 1,200-meter long. The bridge will have 6 lanes for traffic at the average speed of 120 km/hr.

Sergej Berdnikov, Sergej Afanas’ev / SK MOST

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