Test Convoy Passed through Roksky Tunnel Gallery

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OJSC USK MOST is prepared to proceed with reconstruction of one of the longest tunnels in Russia, Roksky Tunnel (3,730 meters) now that the alternative route opened for traffic.

The new route includes a narrow gallery where the tunneling workers with SK MOST Group of Companies are closing down their operations. The Roksky Tunnel entry sites have been already equipped with traffic signs, signals, and clearance frames. Surveillance cameras are being installed and set-up. Traffic management is challenging here because the tunnel can handle only one-way traffic in reversible mode. It took a little less than a year to prepare the gallery for operation.

Roksky tunnel, which is located at the 93rd kilometer of Alagir – Nizhni Zarmag highway, is the only transport route connecting Russia to Southern Osetia. The tunnel has been built 25 years ago, and the engineering infrastructure of the facility has aged and become obsolete since then.

Tunnel reconstruction will take 3 years. Several avalanche protection galleries and tunnels will be built in addition to Roksky Tunnel reconstruction on Alagir – Nizhni Zarmag route, which is part of Trans-Caucasus Highway.

Boris Rogov, Jaroslav Zubenko / SK MOST
Photo by: Boris Rogov

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