Concrete Placement Started on Viaduct Construction Site in Kotelniki Near Moscow. September 14

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The builders of SK MOST Group of Companies have placed the first 55 cubic meters of concrete mix in the slab of the roadway on a viaduct in Kotelniki near Moscow. The viaduct is under construction at the junction between Egorievsk Highway and Moscow Beltway.

Over 2,300 metric tons of steel structures have been installed by the beginning of September. Installation of the two end spans structures of the viaduct is underway. The builders are conducting preparations for launching the central span structure that will be installed over the tracks of Moscow Railway.

After the viaduct has been put in service, the residents of Kotelniki will get the direct access to Dzerzhinsky Highway and further, to Moscow Beltway, which will make the travel time to the center of Moscow at least one hour shorter. The installation is scheduled for commissioning in the year 2013.

The length of the steel viaduct is of 646.2 meters. The roadway width is 14.5 m, with 3 lanes in each direction.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies