First Channel Span Deck Installed on New Berlin Bridge in Kaliningrad

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The builders of SPETSMOST LLC, a contractor company, have installed channel span girders on Berlin Bridge over the New Pregolya River in Kaliningrad and proceeded with the concreting of the exits to Emelyanov Street from the bridge.

The new Berlin Bridge over the Old Pregolya and New Pregolya rivers will carry three-lane traffic. The first bridge construction phase will be completed and the bridge will be opened for traffic in August 2014. However, judging by the work pace sustained by the bridge builders, the event can take place even ahead of schedule approved by the region administration.

The second construction phase includes building a new channel span for another three lanes using the supports of the Old Berlin Bridge. As a result, the permanent traffic jams will disappear in the southern Kaliningrad bypass route, which is part of the trans-Europe Riga – Kaliningrad – Gdansk route.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

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