Construction Started of an Overpass at the 31st Kilometer of Highway A107 in Moscow Region

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The builders of OJSC USK MOST have started construction of Belye Stolby overpass over Moscow Railway Line tracks. The overpass is located at the 31st kilometer of Highway A107 (Moscow Inner Beltway), between Ryazan and Kashira highways.

The construction work started in September 2012. Work is underway on site to put the girders between intermediate supports, steel span deck modules are preassembled on building ways, retaining wall footings are being put in place, utility lines are relocated, and they started to build a detour road.

This overpass has been a long felt need since the existing crossing stayed closed for motor vehicles for most of the time because of heavy traffic of trains headed to Kursk, which was a big hurdle for both seasonal and local residents.

The following work has been completed by December:

  • support sheet piling (50% of the total work scope);
  • pile driving for overpass supports (40% of the total work scope);
  • erecting grillage for overpass intermediate supports (33% of the total work scope);
  • erecting intermediate support pillars (22% of the total work scope);
  • driving 470 each piles in PS-1 retaining wall footing (70% of the total work scope)

Overpass design: 24+42+63+42+36+1.07+42×2+36×2+42+36+42×2+1.19+42×2+36×3+21.
The total overpass length is 749.36 meters. The supports are made as reinforced concrete pillars on pile footings, with a total of 20 each supports.

The new overpass is to be commissioned early in 2014.

Sergej Berdnikov / SK MOST

The BTS-MOST Group of Companies